Young Cyberpreneur Rishiraj Singh Sehgal hosts his ideas into reality

The world has shifted from a face to face interaction to a virtual interplay. Especially the Covid 19 phase has shown the world the worst nightmare. One of the news articles recently dropped a bomb mentioning that 2019 was able to record a 40% margin of cyber attack and just by Mar’20 India saw a glaring 20% cyber-attack and this can increase 300 times more than the year 2019 by the end of 2020 due to the effect of Covid 19. In such hard times a name, Rishiraj Singh Sehgal, has emerged as a real-life hero, right from the fantasy world, saving the world from all the bad men.

Rishiraj Singh Sehgal, a 25-year-old, and a proud owner of Cybernetiv and multiple other well known ventures have moved to India with the thought of changing the scene of cyber attackers. Rishiraj’s love for luxury, nightlife & lifestyle also marks a tremendous effort, partnering various ventures with the same. Rishiraj being a famous hotelier has also actively served multiple stars and celebrities including Kareena Kapoor, Zakir Khan and Robert Hoffman. His brilliant restaurant at Bandra, Mumbai named “Sardaarji” will activate people’s taste buds with a wide range of flavors.

When it comes to the idea of setting a strict lock on cyber attackers, Rishiraj came up with Cybernetiv and through this, he was able to save many small and big enterprises through the tough time of data hafting. His passion to help businesses run smoothly ensuring 100 percent lock on the cyber attackers has always inspired him to keep working towards enhancing the cloud security. His company has been working firmly, safeguarding multiple entrepreneurs from the major risk of cyberattacks. Rishiraj has this natural flair to serve people and that what makes him a success in everything he ever opted.

Rishiraj Singh Sehgal is a living example of many entrepreneurs who plans to look for option and need a guiding light. His belief in almighty and himself has pushed him through the thick and thin, making him a person of passion. Rishiraj has proudly essayed the role of hosting his ideas into reality.

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