With hugs, suspect seeks to infect several Walmart customers

The relationship between consumers, security measures and points of sale has been a challenge for the retail sector, and in this game, what happened in various Walmart establishments has made the phenomenon clear.

The point is that although we are facing a majority of consumers who are especially concerned about health issues and avoiding infections, few are those who follow security measures.

The conclusions of a recent study signed by Psyma make this phenomenon clear. And is that although 41 percent of consumers believe that the health system will collapse, 30 percent still do not adopt the recommended measures.

Additional though 3 out of 4 consumers says that the passage of COVID-19 will leave some permanent change in their lives, 36 percent argue that they will buy normally when the contingency passes.

In fact, there are those who take this disinterest to new levels by putting other people at risk.

One more at Walmart

Such is the case of a man who is currently wanted for allegedly having intentionally infected a group of customers in a Walmart store.

This happened in the city of Springfield, in the southern state of Massachusetts, where the police are looking for this man who was identified and accused by several people after he approached them, gave them a hug and said goodbye saying « now you have Covid. »

According to the police authorities’ report, one of the cancer survivors reported to the Police that around 7 o’clock this Saturday night, the suspect, without saying more approached, gave him a hug saying the words « Now you have COVID. »

After this act, the man began to rule to leave the place. According to the complainant, this was the first time she had seen the subject in question.

From its official Twitter account, the police department of that city assured that « this suspect had also done the same to other clients, » while requesting the support of the community to find the suspicion and follow the pertinent investigations.

The Springfield Police Detective Bureau is seeking your help to identify this individual from an incident at the Walmart…

Posted by Springfield Police Department on Friday, August 21, 2020

THE problem for brands

Although Walmart had no other participation than to be the scene of this peculiar and worrying situation, the fact puts on the table the complex situation that brands live within their points of sale, where although it is impossible to control this type of actions , if it is pertinent to have a protocol of action in the face of events of this nature.

The challenge for the retail sector is remarkable. Not only should they establish greater and better awareness campaigns in this regard, but they should also generate protocols so that their employees can respond to this type of act without damaging the reputation of their brands and taking care of their integrity in more ways than one.

It is important to mention that precisely to avoid tensions around the health issue, Walmart and other brands in the sector, announced that at least in the United States the use of masks within their points of sale will be simply recommended, so that service will be given to people who attend the stores without masks. This decision was made after hundreds of cases where forcing the customer to use this production element ended in significant problems for the brand’s employees.

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