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A sneak peek into the life of the stunning Liudmyla Tkachenko

The breathtaking oh so gorgeous model from Ukraine Liudmyla. Tkachenko grew up within the scenic beauty of the western region of Ukraine. Since a very young age, she dreamt about becoming an international model. Despite the numerous financial shortcomings and no connections to the world of fashion, Liudmyla with her extreme dedication and hard work transformed her dreams into a living reality.

She got her first break in the modeling industry came from the most dynamic, vast, and versatile country of China. Moving to China, seemed an impossible and daunting task to her because of the cultural differences and the huge language barrier. However, Liudmyla being a fighter was determined to pursue her career in modeling and achieve her dreams, she went to gain an understanding of the Chinese language and have a deeper knowledge of the culture. After a few months of constant hard work and efforts, she achieved decent fluency in speaking mandarin. After moving to China, Liudmyla worked as a full-time model and appeared in several high-profile television commercials and magazines mainly in Thailand, Hong Kong, and few other parts of Asia.

In the year 2016, Liudmyla took a decision to take things forward and move to the United States. As she moved to the states, she had to again work hard to learn the language. In order to hone her skills in English, Liudmyla enrolled herself in a New York-based language school and simultaneously pursued her modeling career.

Her hard work eventually got her to a position, where her dreams started turning into reality. She walked multiple times at New York Fashion Week and for much appreciated high-profile designers such as Dan Liu, Terraza, and Oxford Fashion. She also got a chance of fashion photo shoots with the best fashion magazines such as the L’Officiel magazine, Marie Claire, MD Trends magazine, Imaginary magazine, and Marjen magazine. Adding more to the achievements of her career, she participated in numerous catalog shoots and got featured in Vogue, Elle, as well as Harper’s Bazaar.

After two years of persistence in New York, Liudmyla decided to move to Los Angeles to take a chance at acting. Moving to Los Angeles proved fabulous for her, she appeared in a Nike commercial, as well as in multiple alcohol commercials.

Liudmyla achieved a part in a feature film called “The Nowhere Inn.” The movie is premiered at the Sundance film festival 2020.

Despite so many obstacles in her journey, Liudmyla paved her path towards success. She is currently enrolled in Beverly Hills playhouse acting school. She proved to be an exemplary enthusiast filled with determination and perseverance. A personal aim she owns in her life is to make the world a better place, spread positivity, and good energy.


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