What is life without politics?

The origin of politics dates back to centuries ago. It all started when the hunter tribes used to sit together and work on the plans to get through the challenges of the season and the wildness. The intention of this activity was to promise the protection and welfare of the community.

As time changed, so did the meaning of this social service. Now, from the broader perspective of social service, the purpose of politics has been reduced to serve oneself. Who are the people to reap the maximum benefits from it? The politicians.

It is sad to see that modern politicians care about no one than themselves. Consider the example of the heads of the strongest countries on the globe, such as Donald Trump, the president of America, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian head of the state.

These politicians have exploited the presidency to their full advantage. Despite his repeated claims that Trump-GOP Tax law would cast him a fortune, President Trump and his family would be the top beneficiaries of this scheme.

On the other hand, Vladimir Putin, who has been in the government for the last 20 years, has succeeded in passing the proposal by the State Duma Russia, which would allow him to rule the state for the next two terms as well. This means Putin, who joined the government in his 40s, would retire in his 80s.

Considering all these facts, how could we believe that these politicians would think about our betterment? The fact is, politics has become a business for these politicians. They only come to power to level their paths. But, we are the ones who could end this nasty game. We are the ones who have the power to overturn their plans. We are the one who would fight for #NoBordersNoPolitics, and make the world, the world of the common people.

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