Trading the Ice for New York City Pavement »

The Ice Theater skaters have branched out to different websites, too, a favourite being the World’s Fair Playground in Queens. (The floor is extraordinarily easy.) Some have even rolled their means throughout the gleaming flooring of Grand Central Station. “I got in trouble,” Jessica Huot, an Ice Theater member, stated. “They were like, ‘You can have them on and do things in place but you can’t, like, skate.’ We were hiding in a hallway in the back.”

Sarah France, one other skater, stated: “That’s what I did, too! I would shoot up and do something and go back to the hallway before they saw.”

At the second, Ice Theater can’t rehearse as common at Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers. This fall, the firm plans to proceed its City Ice Concert sequence at the Rink at Rockefeller Center and likewise hopes to current pop-up performances at different outside rinks.

At Ice Theater’s studio area, skaters can practice on a patch of artificial ice. At round 16 by 24 ft, the floor is small however permits for jumps and spins. Outdoor skating lets a skater transfer by way of area, even when concrete — with the friction it creates — is nowhere as easy as ice. “Everything moves a little slower and is more labored in a lot of ways,” Ms. France stated. “But you still get the idea of glide, which was the thing I missed the most.”

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