this is how the new advanced search engine works within the app

WhatsApp keep looking to improve your app and the experience for its user, which is why it now included a new advanced search engine with which you can find and rummage through your conversations to find files, conversations, images, audios and videos.

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This new functionality is available within updates and for WhatsApp in Android, With which you can use this new search engine, which will allow you to search for any type of content by date of production, author and file format.

Although this is a great novelty within WhatsApp, is still under development, so within these two update versions it enters the beta protocol, but it can be used correctly in any of these.

This is how it looks inside the app:

WhatsApp: this is how the new advanced search engine works within the app


The types of filters within this new search engine will not only let you search for text, which is how it worked previously, but also find files that match the search term and, furthermore, are the exact type you are looking for.

Previously, to find different text content, you had to go to the shared content gallery for each conversation to manually search for each of these things. However, thanks to this new search engine, all content falls within the search criteria.

Thus, also, the way of organizing the content within your smartphone, well WhatsApp it tends to host an incredible amount of files, slowly and silently consuming your device’s storage.

This is just one of the many ways upgrade than WhatsApp will implement from this moment. At the moment, we know that a new functionality is in development to allow you to use the app on different devices, as others allow you to do. apps courier like Telegram, LINE, Messenger, etc.

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