the disqualified candidate was denounced to the committee

Anaëlle Guimbi, disqualified the day before the Miss Guadeloupe 2020 election because of an awareness campaign for breast cancer for which she appears dressed in paint, but her torso nonetheless naked, would have been denounced by a competitor. Explanations.

Thursday August 20 The day before the election of Miss Guadeloupe, pictures of Anaëlle Guimbi, the favorite of the six candidates competing for the scarf, suddenly resurface disqualifying her from the competition. The Miss France committee will have made no exception to its conservative rules although the chest of the eliminated candidate was dressed in paint, as part of an awareness campaign against breast cancer, or because they have been transmitted to the Committee to get rid of a competitor … Sylvie Tellier, the president of the Miss France Committee confirmed to . in these terms that “the Miss Guadeloupe committee has received a denunciation concerning the photos of this young woman. And even if it is obvious that these photos are not obscene or erotic, we have applied the rules to avoid any proceedings against the association of Guadeloupe. “

If Sylvie Tellier regretted “a society of denunciation” where “everything is going too fast”, the president of the company Miss France, nevertheless justified the disqualification of the candidate explaining that “can not make exceptions”. In a publication published on her personal instagram account and on the official account of Miss France, she blamed the candidate arguing that the latter should have submitted the photos to the Committee during registration, which would have allowed “to have the necessary time to understand the context and study them “. You don’t need 24 hours for that though …

The Miss France Committee committed against breast cancer, but not against sexism

“The Miss France regulations do not allow to participate in photos, audiovisual recordings or any event exposing the private parts of a candidate” recalls Sylvie Tellier in this same publication although she acknowledged to . “that he is obvious that this young woman did not take part in vulgar photos “and that the” cause is beautiful “. The controversy is such that she wished to recall the commitment of Miss France against Cancer via their association ‘Les bonne fées’ and affirmed that “any initiative in favor of the fight against breast cancer is commendable and must be encouraged “. By the way, the former Miss-France 2002 took the opportunity to thank the Guadeloupe delegation “which works to allow young women to live their dreams while protecting the values ​​of the Miss France competition” … Still, her commitment will have cost to Anaëlle Guimbi for her participation in the competition.

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