‘The 100’ Finale Countdown: Three best season endings and what to expect when The CW drama wraps up

‘The 100’ is coming to an end in September 2020. Working for its seventh season now, The CW put up-apocalyptic current has amassed a big fan following who’re prepared to see how their favorite current will end. Part of the reason ‘The 100’ has completed so successfully for thus a couple of years is that the current ends every season with sturdy episodes that not solely ship a satisfying ending to the season’s events however moreover set up the storyline for the next season pretty successfully.

As we hurtle within the course of the Season 7 (and sequence) finale, MEA WorldWide (1) takes a check out a couple of of our favorite moments, characters and completely different nostalgia from the earlier seven seasons. This week, we’re going to take a look at our three favorite season finales on ‘The 100’, and based on them, what we expect for the sequence finale.

Season Four Episode 13 — ‘Praimfaya’

‘The 100’ (The CW)

Ebook 2 of ‘The 100’ might need started with Season 6, nevertheless for us, that’s the place we felt like Ebook 1 really ended. In Season 4, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) try to stay away from human extinction due to the second nuclear apocalypse. Many of the remaining folks have been safely throughout the Second Daybreak bunker (they went on to grow to be WonKru), among the many genuine delinquents and a couple of Grounders made it to the Ring up in home, nevertheless one was stranded on the ground.

That was Clarke. Season 4’s finale was nailbiting until the ultimate second. Most reveals would have ended their finale with the scene the place Clarke is trapped on Earth after volunteering to reactivate the power to the home station so her mates can land there. The vitality readout shorts out and Clarke thinks she failed, within the meantime, we see on the home station that Bellamy and the others are working out of air. As a substitute of ending it there, nonetheless, the episode goes on to current that Clarke did succeed, and though she suffered radiation burns, she survived. We then obtained an “epilogue” the place we see Clarke after six years, with a model new haircut and a model new companion.

What we hope is emulated in Season 7 finale

The end of Season Four was perhaps the tip results of the growth of Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship and perception. Bellarke followers would undoubtedly replay these scenes the place the duo are there for each other as they mourn/hope for his or her respective family members. This episode displayed the best of this relationship and how far Bellamy and Clarke had come from the sequence premiere. The Bellarke friendship has in no way been the an identical after that, though Season 6 gave us a brief-lived reprise when Bellamy fought tooth and nail to ship Clarke once more.

In Season 7, that friendship seems to be totally gone now since Bellamy has change right into a follower of Invoice Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) and betrayed Clarke to inform “(his) shepherd” that Clarke doesn’t have the Key (aka the Flame) and that it was destroyed.

Let’s be reliable. If ‘The 100’ ends with out an accurate reconciliation between Bellamy and Clarke, followers could as successfully revolt. We undoubtedly know that any ending that doesn’t see them coming once more collectively — and we aren’t saying romantically at this degree, solely a friendship could be the minimal — will depart viewers sad. We hope to see the Bellarke camaraderie that Season Four excelled in.

Season 5 Episode 13 — ‘Damocles’ Half Two

‘The 100’ (The CW)

Season 5 seen the exact ending of “Ebook 1” of the current and it launched collectively some parts which is perhaps notably in play in Season 7. After the two remaining factions of humanity battle for the ultimate piece of liveable land on planet earth, an “ego conflict” seen Bloodreina (Octavia Blake carried out by Marie Avgeropoulos) and Paxton McCreary (William Miller) lifeless set in direction of the other workers worthwhile and even compromising with them. McCreary went a step further and destroyed the remaining patch of inexperienced on the Earth (with him on it), predominant to the surviving folks board the Eligius jail ship so they may uncover life elsewhere.

Once extra, each different current may have ended their season finale there, nevertheless ‘The 100’ had additional to give us. Quick forward 100-odd years — Bellamy and Clarke are woken up by anyone they (and we) have in no way met sooner than — Jordan Inexperienced (Shannon Kook) is the son of Monty Inexperienced (Christopher Larkin) and Harper McIntyre (Chelsey Reist), two of the distinctive delinquents. A recorded video reveals that Monty and Harper chosen to reside out their lives on the ship and have a family — with out all the stress of survival and combating. Moreover, Monty moreover succeeded to discover Planet Beta, the place humanity would possibly hope to settle.

What we hope is emulated in Season 7 finale

In a gift like ‘The 100’, it is going to be easy to lose hope (take the story of Jasper Jordan — carried out by Dev Bostick — Monty’s best buddy), nevertheless the wonderful thing about the current is that it lastly brings out why it’s worth surviving. Do you merely survive or do you uncover your humanity? This has been a question that has been requested repeatedly by the use of the sequence, and one that may undoubtedly rear its head as soon as extra sooner than the current ends. This question moreover turns into additional vital, given Cadogan’s zeal to battle the ultimate battle to receive transcendence. 

Whereas we now have been sad to see Monty and Harper go, ‘The 100’ ended their tales so fantastically by giving them a form of utterly glad ending. We cannot say it was the best utterly glad ending, provided that they’d to reside out their lives with out their mates and they’d have nonetheless had a positive sense of hysteria about their son. However, whereas every Jasper and Monty chosen to stop combating, Monty did so whereas believing throughout the best of humanity, which is one factor we want to see happen as soon as extra.

Season 2 Episode 16 — ‘Blood Should Have Blood’ Half Two

‘The 100’ (The CW)

Who’re the good guys? Once extra, this generally is a question that has come up ceaselessly on the current. Clarke and Bellamy have been pressured to do some horrible points to battle for the survival of their people and there is no such thing as a such factor as the next occasion of this than the Season 2 finale. After Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) betrayal, Clarke is pressured to make a hard (and questionable) willpower to save SkaiKru. This was an episode that questioned what morality really meant and it was peak television. Clarke decides to flip the lever, which in itself has grow to be an iconic picture by the use of the sequence, which could save her people, nevertheless kill the Mountain Males. Bellamy doesn’t let her do it alone, so that they do it collectively.

The greyness of the state of affairs was immediately seen nevertheless the true repercussions carried out out in one other means in Clarke and Jasper. Clarke isolated herself from everyone else after the incident due to the guilt she felt. Jasper — whose girlfriend Maya (Eve Harlow) moreover died — couldn’t reconcile with Clarke’s willpower and the toll of battle had carried out out drastically on him as we seen him descend further and further into his PTSD.

What we hope is emulated in Season 7 finale

The Season 2 finale confirmed that not all of the issues completed for survival is good and that’s doubtlessly one factor that Bellamy was dealing with when he obtained swayed by Cadogan’s concepts. It’s easier, perhaps, to let some unknown entity and a mysterious ultimate battle dictate whether or not or not who ought to survive, fairly than making the selection by your self. We do not know whether or not or not we’re going to see the metaphorical (or literal) lever on this season, nevertheless perhaps Clarke’s willpower from once more then could come once more to hold-out her as she fights one ultimate time.

Honorable level out: Season three Episode 16 — ‘Perverse Instantiation’ Half Two

‘The 100’ (The CW)

Season three of ‘The 100’ was extraordinarily controversial due to what was completed to Lexa. The writers almost definitely knew of the impression of the character on the current and subsequently, she was launched once more throughout the season finale when Clarke was throughout the Metropolis of Gentle. The Disciples have been in distinction to the Metropolis of Gentle many events, provided that they every work on the premise of blind faith and survival. In the tip, Clarke destroyed the Metropolis of Gentle and had to face the potential for having to battle one different nuclear apocalypse.

What we hope is emulated in Season 7 finale

The most blatant issue is, in actual fact, cameos! ‘The 100’ had some good characters who managed to grow to be fan favorites shortly. We nonetheless watch earlier seasons for the characters who’re really gone and it’s clear why they’re so in model. ‘The 100’ was good at writing them and making them precise people. They have been flawed, loveable and easy to root for. Even Charles Pike (Michael Seaside), whom many followers love to hate, was not a clearcut villain. He had his causes to do what he did and though they’ve been unsuitable to us, he had a definite actuality. 

This might be an prolonged identify, nevertheless we hope there’s a callback to a couple of of our favorite characters like Lexa, Jasper, Monty and even Finn Collins (Thomas McDonell) who was perhaps the first occasion of grey alternatives and that there will not be any “good guys”.

‘The 100’ airs on The CW on Wednesday nights at 8/7c. The Season 7 finale will air on The CW on September 30.

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