Stephen A. Smith Says Damian Lillard Believes A Dame And Giannis Duo Has The Potential To Win A Championship In Portland

Even before the Milwaukee Bucks entered the ECSF with the Miami Heat, there were plenty of rumors placing Giannis Antetokounmpo in a new team. The Greek Freak has been linked with several teams, including the Heat, his current rivals in the playoffs. However, that is not the only option Giannis has in the case he opts to leave the Milwaukee Bucks this offseason or the next one.

In fact, the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors seem to be very interesting options for Giannis. Furthermore, there might be a dark horse for the European player; a team that has a great backcourt that can maximize his talents. According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Damian Lillard believes Giannis is the perfect fit for the Portland Trail Blazers if they want to win a championship.

“You wonder where Giannis will end up, if he’ll elect to stay and sign a max deal or if he’ll insist on moving out. Then we got teams like Portland, led by Damian Lillard who would love to have Giannis. I talked to a guy like Dame Dolla and he believes that ‘hey, Giannis and me together would win the ‘ship.’ Those are the kind of teams that can potentially be options out there if he can’t get it done in Milwaukee,” Smith said on Monday’s edition of ESPN’s ‘Get Up’.

Antetokounmpo is down 3-1 against the Heat and he’s questionable to play Game 5 of the series. Should the Bucks lose this series, he might think that is time to call it with the Bucks and go find a new team in the league. He has led his team to the #1 seed in the East for two consecutive years but once the playoffs arrive, Giannis fades.

He has been exposed in the bubble and it’s time to try something new either with his game, teammates or the coach.

If he decides to leave Milwaukee, there will be a lot of teams interested in his services. Imagine a Lillard-Giannis duo. That would be awesome to see.

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