“So, it didn’t surprise me when President Donald Trump appointed the most women to senior level positions of any administration in history.”

— Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law

The number of high-ranking women in the Trump administration is not record-breaking. Of the 877 key executive branch nominees put forth by Mr. Trump for positions that require Senate confirmation, about 27.6 percent have been women. Of the 679 that have been confirmed, about 25 have been women.

That’s a lower percentage than both the appointments of former President Bill Clinton (37 percent) and former President Barack Obama (43 percent). At the cabinet level, Mr. Trump has nominated seven women and 32 men. That’s lower than the eight women who served at cabinet-level positions in Mr. Obama’s first term and 10 in his second term, and the nine who served in Mr. Clinton’s second term.

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