Skip Bayless Says Clippers Looked Like A Championship Team: “The Clippers Are Deeper, Stronger Defensively, With More Scorers Than The Lakers.”

Skip Bayless never misses a chance to diss LeBron James and his team, this time the Los Angeles Lakers. After the Clippers magistral performance against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night, Bayless had nothing but good words for Doc Rivers and his boys, who took the 3-1 lead in their West semis series.

He started commenting about the game early on, praising the CLips for taking the lead of the game so soon and dominate the Nuggets. He then talked about Patrick Beverley and his trash-talking affecting Nikola Jokic.

In the end, the Clippers won the game 96-85 to put the Nuggets on the brink of elimination. Bayless once again took to Twitter to praise Kawhi Leonard and, of course, take a shot at LeBron James.

He then elaborated on how deeper the Clippers are in comparison to the Lakers. These two teams were expected to fight for a spot in the NBA Finals this year and as things stand now, we’re about to see them battling it out in the WCF. However, for Bayless, the Clippers have the advantage since they’re playing like a championship. team.

“The Clippers are deeper, stronger defensively, with more scorers than the Lakers. Tonight, the Clippers looked like a championship team, holding explosive Denver to a mere 85 points,” he wrote.

This is the duel everybody wanted to see the second the Lakers traded for Anthony Davis and the Clippers signed Kawhi Leonard in free agency. Even though the Rockets and Nuggets are very good teams, there is no doubt that a Lakers-Clippers matchup is what everybody wants to see this year.

Both teams are playing great basketball but Skip believes Doc Rivers and his pupils have the upper hand in this potential duel.

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