San Raffaele Hospital confirms that Briatore has covid-19

The Italian claimed to have a “strong prostatitis, nothing more”

They have transferred him to an isolation area and he had a good night

Flavio Briatore was admitted last Sunday to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan for “strong prostatitis”, in his own words, but the hospital has confirmed that the Italian has tested positive for covid-19.

“Covid? I feel very well, I just have a strong prostatitis. On Sunday night I went to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and they admitted me”, these were the words of Briatore, speaking for the Corriere della Sera.

Although Flavio claimed that he had “nothing else” apart from an inflammation in the prostate, at the hospital they did the relevant covid-19 test and he himself admitted that he still did not have the result of said test.

The fact is that there has recently been an outbreak of coronavirus – with up to 63 infected – in a famous Flavio Briatore club in Sardinia, the Billionaire … and there were many criticisms of the Italian to the mayor of the municipality for the restrictions on nightlife.

Now, the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan has confirmed that Flavio entered the hospital for a pathology other than the coronavirus, but after doing the tests, the former head of Renault and Benetton has tested positive for covid-19.

“Flavio went to the hospital for a specific pathology other than covid-19 and was subjected, like all patients, to a nasopharyngeal swab to detect the coronavirus. The test was positive,” reads the statement from the Institute of Hospitalization and Scientific Attention .

Until now, Briatore was not admitted to a special area for patients with coronavirus, but upon receiving the positive, he was transferred ipso facto and placed in isolation to try to stop the spread of the virus as much as possible.

According to the Italian edition of Motorsport, the Italian has spent a quiet night and is in good condition since his period of isolation began.

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