Rachel Legrain-Trapani shares rare snapshot of her baby Andrea

Rachel Legrain-Trapani has unveiled a photo of her little Andrea, revealing the face of her newborn to Internet users.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani introduce yourself Andrea ! The former Miss France unveiled on her Instagram account the face of her son, born on July 9. Installed in Lloret de Mar, Spain, for the summer, the young woman posed with her little one in her arm, her gaze riveted on the lens. Eyes wide open, Andrea stares at the camera, undoubtedly held by papa Valentin Léonard!

“Summer 2020 is almost over, I had the chance to enjoy my baby day and night ahaha … soon the start of the school year and professional obligations. Moms how did you experience the return to work?” the former Miss. If she crossed the border, it was to follow her son’s father. In fact, Valentin Léonard works every summer for the event agency Summer Rockz in the seaside town which attracts thousands of little revelers every year!

A blended family in harmony

Yes Rachel Legraint-Trapani regret the joys of motherhood, Valentin Leonard taught him how to be a dad. The big brother was born on December 23, 2013, from his previous relationship with the French footballer Aurelien Capua. On Instagram, she shares many photos of his two accomplice sons.

The couple separated three years later. The 30-something then had a highly publicized relationship with the world champion Benjamin Pavard during the 2018 World Cup. In 2019, she formalized her relationship with Valentin Leonard, ex-candidate of the reality show, Les Marseillais before becoming pregnant some months later. With Valentin Leonard, they now form a united blended family.

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© Instagram Rachel Legrain-Trapani

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Andrea
Rachel Legrain-Trapani poses with her baby Andrea

© Instagram Rachel Legrain-Trapani

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Gianni
Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Gianni

© Instagram Rachel Legrain-Trapani

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Gianni and Andrea
Moment of tenderness between Gianni and Andrea

© Instagram Rachel Legrain-Trapani

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Andrea and Gianni
Rachel Legrain-Trapani with Andrea and Gianni

© Instagram Rachel Legrain-Trapani

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Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Gianni and Andrea
Rachel Legrain-Trapani poses with Valentin Léonard, Gianni and Andrea

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