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A body in a boat and a deadly emergency landing lead an airline pilot to uncover a conspiracy in this technological thriller.

When a boat and its grisly cargo are found adrift off Fort Lauderdale the investigation leads to more than “just” murder. In fact, the evidence points to a connection of an in-flight emergency that resulted in passenger fatalities and forced a diversion of Patriot Airlines Flight 63 to Bermuda.

As the accidents investigation chairman of the pilots’ union, Captain Hart Lindy will find himself reluctantly drawn into the National Transportation Safety Board’s inquiry only to discover that someone is going to great lengths—including murder and kidnapping—to prevent the facts from being exposed. But who? And why?

These are the questions Lindy will need to answer to get at the truth about what really happened to Flight 63. His task is complicated by his own personal demons, including the horrors of past airline crash investigations, as well as walking a diplomatic tightrope with an eccentric FBI special agent who is barely tolerating protocol, and an ambitious female investigator with eyes for Hart.

Written by a veteran airline pilot and aviation analyst, Paper Wings will keep you up in the air and on the edge of your seat!
“A masterful mélange of deadly mysteries and desperate acts.”—John J. Nance, New York Times–bestselling author of Lockout

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