One of this year’s most anticipated TV series, “French Connection” (Season 1), will be released on October 30 on Amazon Prime Video.  

Photography by Eden Dozier

Jamal Antar plays one of the leading roles as “Arman,” the mafia big boss.

He was chosen by Romaine Simon, one of the most talented producers and directors in Hollywood.

Romaine Simon loved Jamal Antar’s look, charisma, and his versatile acting skills.

The “French Connection” has a great cast and great singers for its soundtracks like C-TRU, SNOOP DOG, DMX, RAY J to name a few.

Season 2 filming will commence in early 2021 with a great surprise ensemble of actors to take your breath away.

As usual, there will be suspense, revenge, fight scenes and lots of action. You won’t be disappointed!

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