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A well-used oven can collect grime and dirt in a short time. To eliminate grease and stains, oven trays will repeatedly want cleaning. Homeowners have shared their tricks to eliminate marks.

Posting in a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one home-owner shared an image of her stained oven trays.

She wrote: “My kitchen is only seven months old but my oven trays are wrecked already.

“Any recommendations on how you can get these clear please?”

The post was soon filled with more than 100 comments as others offered their favourite tips.


With a seemingly endless number of cleaning products to choose from, knowing which will get the best results can be a challenge.

Some social media users suggested a surprising and cheap item could work the best when cleaning an oven.

A number of Britons explained using dishwasher tablets to leave oven trays sparkling clean.

One Facebook user said: “Put boiling water in it and a dishwasher pill.

When making an attempt to eliminate marks, some instructed leaving the tray and tablets in a bowl of scorching water.

Others claimed merely placing the tray in the dishwasher works effectively.

The creator defined she would check out the uncommon technique for herself.


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