Mike Heller’s Global Strategic Marketing Agency Is The Necessary Middleman For Brands And Influencers

Technological advancements have caused the marketing industry to say a lot of goodbyes. Many companies refuse to pay for newspaper or radio ads because the world has shifted to digital. For now, social media reigns victorious because companies require analytics-driven marketing, and this is easily collected with the help of social media platform’s insight data. These changes have made marketing more accessible and allowed for a direct reach, but have simultaneously posed a threat to marketing agencies. Brands can personally reach out to their influencer of choice and negotiate a deal. But is cutting the middleman out really the best route?

Not if brands are using global strategic agencies like Talent Resources, which has been in the business for over a decade. Founder and CEO Mike Heller has navigated the entertainment business in some shape or form for 20 years. Heller witnessed plenty of marketing agencies fail from complacency or lack of forward-looking strategies. In 2007, Heller constructed a diverse team of experts that could handle the pressure of change but with the foresight to be ahead before that pressure struck.

Following decades of success, Talent Resources continues to be the leader and ultimate bridge between brands and Hollywood. Though pairing the value and lifestyle-aligned influencer to a brand is not all Mike Heller and his team executes, Talent Resources handles social media management, constructs social media campaigns, organizes promotional events, and even offers brand marketing budget plans and advice on rebranding.

“My company has the functionality to be the extension of clients’ marketing teams,” Heller said. “Talent Resources’ employees all come from different perspectives, giving us the leverage to satisfy any need or desire. We take a 360-degree approach with our clients.”

Talent Resources is the necessary middleman that takes on all the risks and stress when negotiating deals or orchestrating events that will ensure celebrity attendance and exposure. Mike Heller has the tools and right connections to make anything, and everything happen for his clients.

Recently, brands have looked for more authentic and organic approaches to marketing their products. Talent Resources has been favored for implementing this strategy. For instance, Talent Resources rented a house on the beach in Malibu. They hosted a party with the attendance of celebrities such as Lauren Conrad to help Kia promote their summer car. Of course, the aesthetic of the party prompted the party-goers to post their experience on social media. It was natural and not a ‘try-hard, in consumer’s faces’ type of marketing.

So, for the brands that think sliding into influencers’ DMs is the proper approach, maybe re-evaluate for the sake of long-term results. Talent Resources create a buzz that beats the feed cycle.

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