Meet Eddy Aladin, the competent and successful tax accountant; the world needs to know more about.

Eddy Aladin, with his rich experience of 11 years in accounting and finance, has emerged as an accomplished tax accountant.

Over the years, diverse business industries have given birth to many different talented minds. All these industries have always welcomed people on board who offer another level of uniqueness and expertise. The world of accounting and finance is the same, where more and more people have come to the forefront of the industry and with their unaverred passion, grit and competence have gone ahead to create milestones for themselves in the vast sector. Eddy Aladin is one such professional in the field, who believed he could and so did he.

The talented mind was born and raised in Port- au Prince, Haiti. If anything that Eddy Aladin saw himself highly attracted by right since the beginning, then it was the unusual connection he felt with the accounting and finance work. This early inclination of his got Eddy Aladin to specialize in subjects of Foreign Investments, Taxation, Banking, patent and trademark, labor law and corporate finance and become Internal Auditor; Controller; Chief Financial and Accountant in Haiti. To further his knowledge, Eddy Aladin went ahead to specialize in Corporate, Criminal and Administrative Law as well.

Learning through the process and increasing his knowledge manifold in finance and accounting, Eddy Aladin later founded and became the CEO of IslandMundo, Tax Aladin and Door Tax. Today, with 11 long years of rich experience in accounting and finance, he has become an accomplished tax accountant. With that, he is also an excellent bookkeeper and tax preparer. The world of taxation, finance and accounting is where Eddy Aladin has always found his peace and hence, he increased his capabilities to better himself in many of the most common accounting software programs. For accurate record keeping, Eddy Aladin is known for his strong work ethic, commitment and integrity.

Right now, Eddy Aladin wishes to become a part of a team and help a firm’s financial focus. To do something bigger in accounting and finance, Eddy Aladin earned his Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business, or related field. He has proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and accounting software and is driven towards success with his excellent knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, cost accounting and cost control principles and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. He also has advanced knowledge of bookkeeping and payroll, accounting best practices, laws, standards, and state/national regulations and has outstanding communication skills.

As a tax consultant, he knows how to effectively develop relations with local IRS agents, prepare annual taxes for clients using the latest tax codes, consult with clients on ways to develop a financial strategy, negotiate with the IRS on behalf of clients, verify tax returns and other documents completed by clients. He also participates in organized community education seminars to teach tax preparation and recruit new business and collaborate with clients and co-workers to prepare tax documents.

With DoorTax, customers can come at any of its branches and file their taxes and get any accounting services, payroll and access bookkeeping anytime through the secure message center, and track mileage using the mobile app. It is a software package with the newest features for preparation of American income tax returns, virtual and do it yourself (DIY), competing as a market leader with other contemporaries.

IslandMundo, LLC, is a social media firm of America, linking all the islands globally and connecting everyone to the world based in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a successful and accomplished tax accountant, Eddy Aladin has proved his mettle in the vast industry and inspires many other aspiring professionals as well.

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