MakeUp is intense and compelling, Taran Malhotra says.

“A very well-trained makeup artist could make it big as a self-employed or perhaps an entrepreneur,” says Taran Malhotra, a UK-based cosmetician.

From the old Egyptian ladies who painted their countenances to satisfy the divine beings, to the Roman ladies who embellished themselves to satisfy each other, to how we improve ourselves today, a few ladies know about the force that wearing cosmetics has while others are most certainly not. A few ladies consider it to be a complete transformation, putting them on a higher seat of certainty, while other people who wear it reliably may see it just as a daily beauty routine. Regardless of what the media may extend, we are dazzling without it!

Taran was born in Delhi, India, and later shifted to the United Kingdom in 2019. Delhi is a lively city of hues wherein Taran had begun to cultivate her fondness in the beauty industry. Her career in makeup and hair art emanated from a love of creativity. She proceeded with her training at an early age and gradually became a makeup artist accredited by “Swati Verma” and a hairstylist accredited by “Ritika Hairstylists.” Later on, with her experience and skills in 2018, she went on to follow her profession and began freelance as a makeup artist. Taran’s fortes are made up of bridal, social occasions, and natural beauty designs. Her fondest aspect of being a makeup artist is to see the excitement and happiness which her customers express after make-up. Having worked in the field for several years, Taran can understand each client is unique, understanding the importance of identifying the beauty and uniqueness of each individual. This is accomplished by appreciating and incorporating the individual’s style while listening to what they want to do, helping her to build a seamless look every single time. In 2019, she moved to London and was still passionate about the cosmetics industry, where she went on to pursue beauty therapy at the London College of Makeup. She began experimenting on different models and earned overwhelming admiration for her art.

Her job is described by Taran, as powerful, clean, and expressive. She loves borrowing and mixing a range of styles from various sources, including other artists, cinema, and sculpture, to make them her own. Though she has established an eclectic style and approach, her precise implementation and attention to detail are the one thing that remains constant. Certainly, in her work, Taran’s passion for her art is evident Catch a glimpse of her work on




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