Lil Sporty D of Mentality Music Entertainment Paves the Way for Artists

Like a burning flame, creativity dies down when it is not fueled or fired up. Fortunately, some people have addressed themselves to the challenge of keeping such flame alive. And as one of the foremost advocates of supporting success-driven individuals, Damien Harris took it upon himself to help aspiring go-getters within the creative community reach their dreams. 

Undoubtedly, the music industry is known for brimming with skilled and brilliant figures. However, talent alone is not enough for one to make it to the big leagues. And for this reason, Damien Harris strives to provide and generate opportunities that would catapult musically inclined individuals to the pinnacle of their careers. In this way, no talent and potential would ever have to go unnoticed. 

Besides being the CEO of Mentality Music Entertainment, Damien Harris has also gained recognition for being an outstanding musical artist, engineer, and songwriter. And pounding the pavement with his revolutionary flair, the multifaceted powerhouse shows that he has what it takes. 

Mentality Music Entertainment is a local record label based in New Orleans, Louisiana. And since taking the reins of the company, Damien Harris has been out and about providing services such as recording, studio engineering, production, distribution, publishing, and many more. 

Although it caters to the general public, Mentality Music Entertainment is geared towards the youth. According to Damien Harris, these young dreamers will soon become the future of the industry. Thus, he makes it a point to help them become the next musicians, artists, producers, songwriters, engineers, and even CEOs. 

Moreover, Mentality Music Entertainment teaches its clients how to create their businesses and ultimately become a successful household name. On top of this, Damien Harris also shares that the company is trying its best to help those who are fresh out of college in paying off their student loans.

When he was just twelve years old, Damien Harris started recording songs on cassette players together with his brothers and a few other friends. Little did he know back then that such practice would already mark the beginning of his music career. 

Inspired by Master P, a New Orleans rap superstar, Damien Harris took off to start his record label. And just last year, he began working with major and mainstream artists and even got to have a hand in producing “CERTIFIED,” a single—featuring Magnolia Chop & Jay Jones—that was released last June 12, 2020. 

Damien Harris’ second collaboration involved “Like Whoa”—featuring Lil Noodle—which was recently just released last August 14, 2020. His upcoming single, “FEARLESS,” will be featuring Kidd Kidd, Young Juve, and Abg Keith. The single is bound for release this November 6, 2020. 

With everything that he has accomplished for himself and others, Damien Harris has proven that support, hard work, perseverance, and grit can go a very long way. And because his mission is rooted in service, Damien experiences a kind of success that is more meaningful than he could have ever imagined. 

As he continues to accompany aspiring and budding artists along their musical journeys, Damien Harris has created an avenue where passion is nurtured, and creativity is encouraged. As a result, Damien is able to witness deserving individuals to reach remarkable milestones in their careers. Indeed, nothing is more beautiful than being a part of other people’s success. 

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