“I took the test because my wife tested positive, but I don’t have any symptoms”

Baby Etchecopar tested positive for coronavirus (Infobae)

To avoid all kinds of misinformation, Baby Etchecopar decided to record a video telling himself what had already begun to circulate on social networks: that have COVID-19. The host of Basta Baby, on A24, and Baby en el Medio, on Radio Rivadavia, showed good spirits despite having contracted the disease and made it clear that, so far, he has not manifested any ailment.

« Hello, how are you? It came out everywhere that I am in the fever guard at the San Isidro Hospital. Well it’s Thursday, it’s six twenty-five in the afternoon and I am at home. I tested positive, but I’m perfect. Gave me asymptomatic”, The journalist begins by saying.

And then he explains: “They gave me ten days to rest. So not this Monday, just the other one can I go back to work by medical order. But I’m fine. I want to say this so that it does not appear that I am hospitalized, or with serum. Fortunately, I have the monitoring bracelet here and I am very, very well. I am passing my coronavirus, but let it be clear that it is so. Who else but me can say? And I recorded this video to throw away any ghost. « 

Minutes later, in exclusive dialogue with Teleshow, Baby explained how he had entered that his partner, Silvina Cupeiro, and he had the disease. « Yesterday my wife started with a low-grade fever. The swab was done, but the short and long was done: the first one was negative, but today we had the results of the second and it was positive”, He explained.

According to Etchecopar, it was for this reason that he also underwent the coronavirus test. « I didn’t have any symptoms, but I did the swab and it tested positive. So we have ten days to stay home. But I feel barbaric, I am asymptomatic « Baby concluded.

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