Huge fire breaks out in the rubble of Beirut’s port just weeks after explosion decimated the area  »

An enormous fire has erupted in the rubble of Beirut‘s port just 37 days after an explosion decimated the metropolis.

A column of black smoke and pink flames leapt from the metal wreckage this afternoon after a retailer of tyres and oil ignited, the Lebanese Army stated, although it’s unclear what brought on the inferno.  

Firemen, in addition to military helicopters, have rushed to the scene to douse the flames.  

Panicked residents cracked open home windows and known as one another to warn them of the new fire, whereas places of work close by evacuated their staff. 

An inferno raging at the port in Beirut on Thursday afternoon just 37 days after the metropolis was rocked by an explosion

Firemen douse the burning tyre and oil storage facility in Beirut’s wrecked port on Thursday

An military helicopter drops water on the fire this afternoon in Beirut’s port space

Fire engines douse the flames at the port in Beirut on Thursday after tyres and oil caught fire

Smoke rises from Beirut’s port space, Lebanon, on Thursday

Black smoke from burning tyre and oil shops rises from Beirut’s port on Thursday

A resident movies an enormous column of black smoke rising into the air from the port, left, and one other cameraman shut by captures the fire 

Lebanese troops closed the main highway that passes close to the port referring site visitors to different areas. 

Police spokesman Col. Joseph Msalam stated they don’t have any details about what is going on at the port including that the facility is presently underneath management of the military.

Asked about experiences that the fire was attributable to burning tires and oil, he stated ‘I do not know. It could possibly be containers. I actually do not know what’s there.’

It added that firefighters are coping with the blaze. 

The August 4 ammonium nitrate explosion killed greater than 190 individuals, injured round 6,500 and broken 1000’s of buildings in the Lebanese capital.

The sight of one other big fire a month later created panic amongst residents traumatised by final month’s explosion.

Black smoke fills the air in Beirut on Thursday just 37 days after an ammonium nitrate explosion rocked the metropolis

Black smoke spews from Beirut’s port on Thursday, sending employees in close by workplace blocks right into a panic

Firemen douse the inferno at the port in Beirut on Thursday afternoon

Black smoke rises from the wrecked port at the moment. It will not be but clear what brought on the fire 

Black smoke rising from Beirut’s port this afternoon

An enormous column of black smoke and pink leaping flames have been seen amongst the metal wreckage this afternoon. It will not be but clear what might have brought on the fire

Black smoke fills the horizon in Beirut on Thursday inflicting panic amongst the traumatised locals

Smoke from an enormous fire raging in Beirut port on Thursday

The fire raging in the ravaged port of Beirut on Thursday

Firemen douse the blaze on Thursday as Army helicopters circle above

A fire raging amid the metal wreckage attributable to final month’s explosion

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