How To Succeed In A Competitive Modern Industry Like Social Media

When you are into fashion in a big way it must be great getting to work with these kinds of brands. Abraham Adegeye is one such person having worked with names that include Nike, Timberland, Umbro, G-star, Coca- Cola, Sprite, Diesel, H&M, About You, Fossil, Vans, Converse and Pacsun! Abraham is a fashion influencer who shares fashion photography of his latest outfit choices online. He uses all the channels you would expect such as Instagram and a personal blog. He also creates videos for a YouTube channel.

It may be a career now but when he started it was just a hobby. His main goal was to inspire and even now that he is working with all of these big brands that remains the number one intention. As a person with success in his industry he has thought about launching a business, something he hopes to do in the future, however, it is not an immediate action: for him inspiration comes before selling. Whilst doing this he also likes to provide people with some insight into his life.

A little while ago Abraham participated in a major campaign for Sprite that explored the topics of cyberbullying and diversity, it was featured on TV and placed as an app on thousands of YouTube videos. At the time it received plenty of local and national press coverage. It is good to see an influencer being a part of a well-meaning campaign such as this.

Abraham comes across as being very adept to deal with his competition. As he says, there are many who like the idea of success and attention but do not consider the work required to get anywhere. There are always a lot of up and coming talents to watch out for so he admits you are kept on your toes but he says the trick is to keep up to date whilst staying unique. As this industry has grown he points out a change he has noticed, where what was once a smaller more supportive a much more money led industry has emerged, where people are not so welcoming to others success. Regardless, he is keen to continue to do what he does in his own unique way though, which is one of the best ways for a fashion influencer to stand out from the crowd.

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