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Do you want to hide Instagram messages because of your privacy …? How to hide Instagram messages …? My name is Waqar Bukhari. Today I will fully explain through this article how to hide Instagram messages. And finally, you can also learn with the help of YouTube video, these videos are available below in Urdu, Hindi, and English languages. You can hide Instagram messages, you can see your Instagram inbox on your mobile screen.

How To Hide Instagram Messages

When you scroll through your messages page, you don’t see the option to hide anywhere.

You have to come to the main page of your Instagram and click on the (3) three dot mark that appears on the right side.

After coming here, you have to click on the setting below. After clicking on the seating, something like this will appear in front of you.

Here you have to click on the account option, below you will find two options.

Then click account.

How To Hide Instagram Messages

After click show this picture.

How To Hide Instagram Messages
  1. Switch To Personal Account
  2. Switch To Creator Account

Select option 2

Then select your account category.

Display categorize uncheck but you select check it on.

Return to the main page of your Instagram account, open your inbox and click the long tab on the message you want to hide.

Here you will find the option to move to General.

Your inbox will be divided into two categories.

Primary Inbox and General Inbox, Go to Settings again. Click on Direct Messages and turn off the General option. Your important messages will disappear.

How To Hide Instagram Messages in Hindi Urdu

How To Hide Instagram Messages in English

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