How An MMA Fighter Became Digital Marketing’s Next Big Success

As the global coronavirus pandemic has silenced the hopes of many entrepreneurs, some have taken advantage of the moment to overcome obstacles and exceed expectations. One of those online influencers is MMA-star-turned-digital-influencer Orel Shitrit.

At the young age of 22, Orel has shown the world how the hard work and dedication required to thrive in the ring can translate to entrepreneurial success. Orel’s passion and dedication helped him earn an Israeli National Champion in Muay Thai – an inspirational rise to the top that was tragically cut short by a debilitating leg injury that ended Orel’s ability to train and fight in any further fights.

While many individuals would simply give up and sink into a depression, Orel chose to take this unexpected opponent by the horns and pivot to a new venture: online digital marketing and social media. During his recovery, Orel threw himself into learning as much as he possibly could have how social media and digital marketing works, and searched out every possible secret for building a powerful digital enterprise.

That time spent driving toward his personal development and skills paid off. Orel soon developed an online media company – which helps online personalities and brands build their influence through proven growth and engagement methods. The secret to Orel’s success with his agency can be found in his willingness to step outside the typical digital marketing ring and focus on helping investors, influencers, and entrepreneurs create a holistic marketing strategy focused on ad management, public relations, branding, and e-commerce.

Orel Shitrit has risen the ranks of the online marketing minds and companies, brands, and famous individuals are lining up to take advantage of Orel’s skills in building and maintaining successful online media channels. His abilities to reach online audiences came in handy at just the right moment when the global pandemic hit and everyone began to search for the key to selling products and services online!

Orel’s passion is to see entrepreneurs and business owners find success in the online arena, and his ability to hustle and create is reminiscent of his skills in the ring – pivoting, flipping the script, and adapting to changes at a moment’s notice. If you are ready to find out how Orel Shitrit can help take your brand to the next level, learn more and contact him online at or follow him on Instagram, @Orel.

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