Hints From Heloise: Say ‘good riddance’ to roaches »

First, combine the boric acid, flour and onion. Next, cream the shortening and sugar, and add the flour combination to this. Blend effectively and add sufficient water to kind a gentle dough.

Shape into small balls and put round the home the place you will have seen roaches. If you place a number of in an open sandwich bag, they’ll maintain longer. Replace them once they dry out and change into laborious. Keep away from youngsters and pets!

Dear Heloise: How do I get hair spray residue off a flat iron?

Ann in Alabama: It’s straightforward. You’ll want to have a bottle of rubbing alcohol out there. First, ensure to unplug the flat iron, then pour a beneficiant quantity of alcohol onto a fabric or dish towel and place it between the plates. Give it an opportunity to work for a couple of minutes, then rub the iron with the identical fabric to take away the residue. If a few of the residue stays, repeat, however this time use a sponge with a fragile scrubbing pad.

Dear Heloise: My nails have turned yellow, and I believe it is from my nail polish. How can I eliminate the yellow stain?

Diana in Illinois: A great first step is to all the time use a transparent polish in your nails earlier than making use of coloured polish. But, to take away the yellow stain, put your fingernails in a reduce lemon half for a number of moments. Be positive to moisturize your nails and fingers afterward.

Dear Heloise: We lately put in terrazzo flooring in our dwelling. One morning, my younger son bought up early and drew on them along with his crayons. How do I take away the marks?

Susan in Florida: Would you consider a plain previous pencil eraser will take away these marks? An eraser can even take away some heel marks.

Dear Heloise: I’ve a tiny rest room in my residence. This made storing bathtub and bathe merchandise very difficult. I lastly purchased a see-through shoe bag with pockets to maintain most of my private gadgets and hung it on the again of the toilet door. It’s made these gadgets straightforward to discover and made my rest room look cleaner.

Dear Heloise: My child woman loves bananas and likes to feed herself. She simply cannot appear to dangle onto these slippery banana slices, so I rolled the banana slices in graham cracker crumbs to make them simpler to dangle onto.

— Katharine in Michigan

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