Halle Berry will represent herself in her divorce from Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez had chosen to divorce in 2015. Since then, the couple has never gone to the end of the procedure. But the actress has just asked to take the place of her lawyer.

Halle Berry fell under the spell of Olivier Martinez in South Africa, on the set of the action film Dark Tide. Two years after meeting, the lovebirds got engaged before they said Yes in Vallery in the Yonne July 13, 2013. On October 5 of that same year, the couple hosted their first child, a little boy named Maceo Robert. Alas, two years later, the two actors confided their wish to end this union:

We only wish each other happiness and we would like you to respect our privacy and that of our child as we go through this difficult time.

They said.

“Things weren’t working”

If Halle Berry has always had very complicated relationships with each of her exes, some sources close to the actress had given some details on the reasons for her divorce from Olivier Martinez. According to some people, the actor would have had a terrible time being in the shadow of the star :

Everything about her emasculated her: She is beautiful, iconic, works and boils the pot.

Another close to the couple had slipped to TMZ that the ex-lovebirds had opposite characters :

They are very, very different. He’s macho and things weren’t working.

After their separation, Olivier Martinez remained to live in Los Angeles in order to be able to participate in the education of his son.

A pending procedure

Begun in 2015, the divorce proceedings between Halle Berry and the French actor have never succeeded. If the couple had agreed on custody of Maceo Robert in 2016, their separation had not formalized legally. Despite several reminders to the law, the former lovers remained silent.

Halle Berry will defend her interests herself

In this case, Olivier Martinez, chose to be represented by Laura Wasser, the lawyer specializing in the divorces of stars (Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp…). Halle Berry had called on Marina Zakiyan. But she now wants to do without her services. Entertainment Tonight has just revealed that the actress had filed a request representation in place of his lawyer. The latter would have been approved on July 30, 2020 and signed by the two parties on August 11.

Five years after the announcement of their separation, the couple could finally say goodbye officially.

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