God of War art director revealed his Wolverine design for the MCU

Although there is still nothing confirmed by Marvel Studios, many assume that undoubtedly Wolverine will return to the cinema in a new version to definitively join the MCU alongside the X-Men. That’s why the God of War video game production designer has an idea of ​​what the character might look like for that purpose.

Raf Grassetti, who basically built much of the image of the aforementioned video game and who is part of the Santa Monica studio, took to his platform on social networks to share his vision of a new Wolverine with everything and the classic costume from the comics.

« I’ve always had an amazing time working on Wolverine, » he wrote. «I lost count of how many times I have tried to make the character. I still remember the first one I did when this started ».

Grassetti is known for the dark and realistic approximations of his original designs and also for a few fanarts he has done on other characters in the collective imagination. In fact, along with Wolverine, the designs of Cyclops, Beast and others are also included that you can review on his personal Instagram account.

Since Disney’s purchase of FOX, the rights to the X-Men characters have once again rested with their original home, that is, with the Marvel creatives. This will allow all mutant characters as well as the Fantastic 4 to make their debut within the ongoing Cinematic Universe of the House of Ideas.

With such a panorama on the horizon, many assume that the reinvention of the character is just around the corner. However, others like director Joe Russo think that since “Hugh Jackman has done an incredible job with that character over the years […] I think they should take a break before someone else tries to bring it to life. « 

However, fans disagree, and for months they have launched campaigns and ideas for new actors that could bring the character to life. Histrions like Taron Edgerton, Keanu Reeves and now Antony Starr are possible candidates.

What do you think? Would you like a new version of the character?

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