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Every month, over 550,000 Americans start their own businesses and officially become entrepreneurs. Fred Cary has dedicated his newest business venture to helping these people receive the resources they need to effectively find their niches and implement their ideas that would ultimately lead to a profit.

Cary has years of experience and accolades to show. He has started more than ten companies, one of which grosses over $800 million yearly. Cary has successfully navigated many industries, including music, investment, and law, software, consumer goods, finance, technology and more. The multi-talented entrepreneur has always learned along the way from his successes and downfalls.

“I love helping people get on the right path. All that is necessary at the beginning is the correct guidance and tons of manpower – all of which I bring to the table.

Cary knows firsthand that there are plenty of challenges entrepreneurs face at the beginning. “At first, you don’t even really know what you’re doing. You may have an idea that you think is amazing, but what you actually need to do is test the market and see if other people think that your idea is cool. How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night thinking that you’ve just discovered the next big thing? And how many of these times did you actually have a realistic idea? Our focus more often than not is on what we think is great, but we actually need to account for what others think is great,” advises Cary. “First of all, you have to figure out whether anybody else will pay for your idea and then get a move on it,” he adds.

Cary has some thoughts on the topic of mindset. Through his Instagram account, he shares tips and tools for entrepreneurs or any person to get into a mindset that would help set them straight on their paths to success. “That’s all I teach on Instagram: mindset. It’s not important whether you are the person in a developing country struggling or somebody who’s already successful on Wall Street. We share one important thing in common: needing self-confidence and a positive mindset,” says Cary.

To Cary, waking up every morning and knowing that he’s fine in the exact spot he is, versus feeling jealous of others or unlucky, is a key to success. “If you have mastered that positivity, you’ll be able to bounce back from your mistakes without much emotion or resentment, or being too harsh on yourself,” he shares. The entrepreneur’s goal is to help as many people as he can get to that point mentally and create their empires from scratch. So far, his advice has been received extremely well by his hundreds of thousands of followers.

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