Felitche and His Stardom in the Music Industry

Being born just outside of Vancouver, Canada, Felitche started exploring music when he was young. Beginning his passion in only seventh grade, his first love was actually soccer! He was such a success in soccer that he went to the pro leagues in Romania until he found his true path: music.

Despite the confusion and disapproval from his father, he followed his own passion and found his way into music. It all started at a talent show when he decided to take a risk and audition for the show, not knowing he could sing or perform. Needless to say, he killed it. He says that during this, he felt “the true power music.” This was only the beginning for him.

Felitche makes music for those who are feeling down and claims that if you’re sad, just listen to his work. He currently is working as an independent artist and is working to build his discography more. Felitche has been recently working on “HEADLIGHTS”, his newest project. In hopes of dropping it soon, his love and drive for music is evident as Felitche has gone from soccer star to music star. His passion for music is truly evident through his most recent projects.

Felitche writes and produces his own music, both skills backing him as a powerhouse of music. Felitche recently made an appearance at The Avalon Hollywood in California as a mainstage performer. His story truly shows how powerful music can be – not only for him, but for us all. Leaving soccer and a promising career for music is a huge move, but through hard work and a dedication, Felitche did it. His story is inspirational to many, and make sure to look out for the name Felitche in upcoming projects.

You can find him on Instagram here as well as watch his music video for HEADLIGHTS here.

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