Faiz Warsani opens up on how his brand ‘SweetDreams’ ends insomnia and how he deals with the competition

Getting a night of sound sleep is extremely important for a human body to function properly. Unfortunately, many people have irregular sleeping patterns which lead to insomnia and later gives birth to anxiety. Such problems are majorly found in adults who get accustomed to being sleep deprived which is not a good sign at all. According to the National Sleep Foundation, healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep, but the case is completely different in today’s time. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak happened, the lifestyle patterns of many people have changed. With insomnia being the most common issue, many people consume pharmaceutical tablets which might not work effectively on everyone.

To eradicate the problem of insomnia and anxiety, Faiz Warsani, a 19-year old entrepreneur from Chicago has developed an all-natural solution through his research of more than a year. Faiz who also suffered from insomnia tried and tested his techniques before he founded the company called ‘SweetDreams’. Its special formula called ‘DreamPotion’ is one of its kind and this all-natural sleep potion uses plant-based ingredients including naturally derived CBD oil, premium melatonin extract, and blueberries. The products under the company are completely safe and are harmless to humans. The three ingredients make a unique mixture and the product works effectively for the ones who want to have a deep sleep.

With a unique bottle shape, DreamPotion has enchanting colours and has a sweet taste. The process of building the company started in October 2019 and Faiz brought SweetDreams to life in January this year. It was only after the concept was proved and tested, the company got a green signal to disrupt the market with its unique products. While speaking about the company’s competitive spirit with the contemporaries, Faiz said, “I don’t focus on competition as my focus is only on my brand. With experience in e-commerce, I am on another level of branding. The goal of the competitors and my company are very distinctive. While their goal might be to increase sales volume, my company’s target is to help 1 million people sleep better with the all-natural solution.”

SweetDreams started functioning with its products which got sold in full swing. Faiz further revealed, “After the boxes and bottles got manufactured, I went through about 5 different CBD manufacturers before finding the one who produced the final DreamPotion.” The company further got exposure on social media after Faiz promoted the products on his personal Instagram account. The brand got a massive boost online as the entrepreneur enjoys a great fanfare on the digital domain. By bringing this unique yet helpful product to reality, Faiz Warsani is on a mission to curb the problem of insomnia and anxiety. SweetDreams has got many other products which will be getting launched in the market by 2021.

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