Eterna Ventures, a unique approach to startup funding

Funding startups is a competitive market, as numerous cash-positive companies are waiting in line to finance the next best thing. In the last five years however, the majority of the sector has been shifted from idea-money to scaling support, which forced entrepreneurs and their companies to show signs of life before requesting funding. Eterna Ventures has not simply taken this route but specialized it further into a unique approach – financing e-commerce scaling through social media campaigns. 

How to identify a suitable investor? 

Many startup entrepreneurs would say that the most important aspect is access to money, while experience tells us that the best-suited investors are a good fit based on their market knowledge.

The right investor for any company can provide the following:

  • great connections
  • generating leads through networking
  • smart money

The latter, smart money, is the opposite of shoveling cash on a fresh startup or even more so on an idea. Well-planned funding is provided to support the scaling of an already working, proven idea that is able to generate revenue. It is especially true to e-commerce startups, of which the very core is to get people’s attention and offer something that they cannot live without. If the idea is not tested, if the startuppers haven’t spoken to their target audience to know what issues they are solving, then there is still much to do before any investor could say yes. Knowing this is the Numero Uno Takeaway for fresh-to-the-market entrepreneurs, while this also gives context why 45% of startups fail due to lack of profitability or generated revenue.

Eterna Venturesapproach 

Seeing the missing support from the financing side towards e-commerce companies called Eterna Ventures to life. Their special approach is built around a single idea: helping disruptive startups to scale through social media advertisements. This immediately narrows down the scope outlining the potential best candidates for their investments.

Eterna Ventures is not a group of seasoned banking-veterans, rather they are a group of award-winning, industry-leading experts on what makes an e-commerce company successful. Their love and passion is to support entrepreneurs along their e-commerce journey to build meaningful, value-added companies around the world leveraging the power of digital marketing.

Their network, full-time support will be directly channeled to the founders, while the funding is used to finance paid advertisements on Google Ads, Facebook ads, and to use influencer marketing in a best-performing way.

Eterna makes only a few investments a year to be able to offer full-time focus on each project. They are continuously receiving applications, and are always welcoming new ones, especially if it is dressed up with a proven track record.

We all love a great success story and Eterna is certainly a company that is here to stay and disrupt the e-commerce venture capital market.

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