Deportivo exploits and denounces the “cacicada” of Thebes as “an unprecedented outrage”

The approval of the 2020-21 season calendar and with it, of the Second division of 22 teams leaves the Fuenlabrada in the SmartBank League and Deportivo de la Coruña in Segunda B. The A Coruña team issued a very harsh official statement in which it denounced an « unprecedented outrage » by the League and its president, Javier Tebas, and announces a long struggle in the ordinary justice system, while complying with the decision of the CSD and its registration in the third category of Spanish football.

The full statement says the following.

On the last day there has been an unprecedented outrage against the competition and the Real Club Deportivo. Today ends an important part of the course of sports justice that, in the case that affects us, has chosen to completely inhibit itself to tolerate a cacicada with dangerous future consequences for all those involved. We honestly and innocently believed in it, but doing things consistently and correctly from the first moment to the last does not seem to work in a system that exchanges support for perks.

Today we are forced to start another long path, that of true justice, which is being denied to the Real Club Deportivo. The search for that justice will not be in the result of the ruling, which as it cannot be otherwise we will comply, but in being able to defend our interests before professional and independent judges with all the procedural guarantees and not be subjected to the institutional and media persecution that we have suffered since last July 20. Before that day, and since then, Deportivo has not breached a single protocol, a single law, a single regulation, no circular, nothing. And until today, it is being, along with CD Numancia, the only one harmed. That is why we are going to continue fighting, until the end, whatever the cost and whoever falls falls, for what is justice, so that the offenders are punished and innocents are not harmed.

Despite this, Athletes, let us not pity ourselves, let us not victimize ourselves. It is not the first time that decision centers have made us guilty when the only victim is us. Unfortunately the sector works like this and we only have our strength left to fight to try to change it. For this we have to demonstrate UNION again for this new challenge that is hard and complex. Let us never lose heart. It is very difficult to assimilate what we are seeing and knowing and what it leads us to. The feeling of helplessness cannot be greater. But all that energy must be channeled in two lines. One, to support the Club and the team to recover the category that corresponds to us. Another, in parallel, towards the offices and the courts to, sooner rather than later, return to be part of a more just and clean professional football, free of individuals who, with proven and permanent conflicts of interest, manage our money as their own, the one that you generate. We hope that, at that time, justice has already partially repaired the damage they are causing us.

For this reason, we will not withdraw any of the procedures underway before any institution and, where appropriate, we will transfer them to the ordinary courts to be processed in accordance with the law.

Athletes, we have another message for all of you in order to face the future.

We will work tirelessly from now on to return to professional football on the pitch, avoiding the slightest loophole that allows another unpunished robbery like the one we are suffering, but from now on, and above all, when that is achieved, let’s not forget, every day:
– Who put an entire city and our team at risk by putting their personal and economic interests before people’s health.
– Who accused a Club and a City of not caring about the health of their players when the doctor and all the people who attended them, at all levels, during their stay, here were members of the Club and citizens of A Coruña.
– Who lied, manipulated, skewed and hid information from their media and from their personal accounts, being, supposedly, information professionals.
– Who from other clubs that made their own cause for a cause that was not their own, showing why and how much they are capable of renouncing the most basic values ​​in a democratic state of law.
– Who denounced and sent the Police to illegally detain an exemplary citizen and athlete. And those who, not happy with the fact that a judge (one of the real ones, the only one for now in this whole procedure) had their behavior ugly and despite this, they tried to appear again against our captain.
– Who, from the presidency of an institution of which we are a part, personally protected, helped and even congratulated a member club while attacking the Real Club Deportivo and CD Numancia by all means at their disposal.
– Who is a judge, part and parcel as a father, advisor and manipulator in a corrupt system that must be ended in football and in Spanish sports.
– Who put their face and their ID to manage the interests and investments of those who really manage the threads and the corporate framework of a club from the employer’s association.
– Who applies the rules depending on who the offender is, generating imbalances in the equal rights and obligations that all clubs must have in the competition.

In the same way, let us always appreciate:
– To those who, as medical professionals and legal persons, were concerned about those infected by the most important coronavirus outbreak in world football, taking care of the sick and preventing the virus from spreading through the city.
– Who, athletes or not, have been concerned about knowing the merits of the matter and, objectively, do not doubt that the competition has been adulterated and that the cause we defend is justice.
– To those who, from their media and their personal accounts, exercised the profession of journalist with total honesty, reporting, telling what has happened, without partisan bias and attending only to the informative interest, in some cases putting their positions at risk. job.
– To those who, from the local and regional institutions and without partisan attitude, acted as what they are, the legitimate representatives of the citizens, defending the interests of the people who live in the territories in which they govern.
– To those who, from their clubs, have been publicly respectful to a cause that was not theirs.

To each other: do not doubt that we will continue in the fight until the end, that you are going to see us come back and that you are going to know why we called the Athletes from the #anosaforza Club.

Forza Dépor! # isDÉjusticia

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