Deejay 8Ball is Expanding on his Success With New Solo Tracks

Deejay 8Ball is a three-time RIAA Gold certified producer for his work with rappers like Torey Lanez and Tee Grizzly, and he has performed at over 30 music festival to tens of thousands of fans across the globe. In lieu of the vibrant and talented 24-year-old he is, the fans are met with a mysterious, masked DJ – just as they are with artists like Marshmello and Deadmau5. Deejay 8Ball has his reasons, however, and he is still surging to the top of the music industry.

Born Matthew Carrol, the Detroit-based producer, musician, and songwriter had a promising budding career as a vocalist. However, he soon realized the many hardships and pressure that came along with rising fame. In order to find a new outlet for his artistry, the vocalist donned his now signature headpiece: a black sphere with a white chinstrap that covers his entire head. He soon began creating music as Deejay 8Ball. Success was imminent for the talented young artist, and he began working with top-level acts like the aforementioned Tory Lanez.

Now, Deejay 8Ball is working to make a name for himself as a solo act with three releases in the month of August, each demonstrating a different side of his artistic repertoire. Attempting to outsource as little as possible, Deejay 8Ball uses his production, vocal, and songwriting skills to create everything in house. This has allowed for the Detroit multi-talent to create anything he wants from a sonic standpoint. His electronic influenced style is breaking boundaries in the music industry and has created the potential of a bright future for Deejay 8Ball. Stay tuned as DeeJay 8Ball progresses his career forward as he is sure to have a long career ahead of him.

To keep up with Deejay 8Ball, check out his Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

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