26 Best Fantasy & Adventure Movies like Harry Potter in 2020

DO YOU LIKE “MOVIES LIKE HARRY POTTER” In April 2002, Harry Potter’s first film was released, and the world was never like that again. A generation grew up watching Harry Potter movies. They stole our hearts when we were kids and we are so loyal that many years after the last film came out we still proudly call ourselves “Potter Heads”.

It is the mystical combination of magic, mystery, friendship, and thrill that made us such passionate fans when we followed the chosen one when he was the bright witch of his age, and King Wesley, along with the one who should not be nominated.

Harry Potter, Harmon Granger, and Ron Wesley became such important parts of our lives that we were not satisfied even after the 200th run of the entire film series.

If you are looking for magic through similar movies, don’t look any further. Go down and enjoy.

1.     Fantastic Beast Series (2016)

movies like harry potter

A treat for all Potter Heads, fantastic, fantastic animal movies that take us back to the magical world that we all love so much. The series follows the adventures of Newt Scamander, a male magician, and a former student of Hogwarts. Being a spin-off prequel to the Harry Potter series, we see many old characters and the world where Grindelwald was.

Time and place vary, as do roles and dangers, and this gives us the best opportunity to learn more about the magical world. We are introduced to all the magical creatures that were previously unexplored, just outside the Book of Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them.

Some are beautiful, some are scary, and some are just plain cute and we can’t get some of them. And yes! Non-magical is a bonus treats for people (Muggles or any adventure, your choice) because Baker gets a big chunk of the movie.

A box of magic and courage, there are so many surprises and twists and turns in this film series that makes us love the world of magic again and again.

2.     The Chronicles of Narnia (2005-2010)

movies like harry potter

In subsequent episodes, the children return to a world invaded by the tyrant Telmarines, thus beginning a new chapter in the lives of the four kings and the queen and Narnia.

At a different time, we see battles fought with bows and arrows and swords and unparalleled comedy. Complete with ice queens, friendly lions, singing trees, dragons, sea monsters, mentors, griffins and centaurs, and a beautiful prince, all in the Narnia film series to satirize our magically hungry souls.

3.     Maleficent Films (2014)

movies like harry potter

Haven’t we all grown up with the classic story of the beauty of sleep where an innocent princess gets the curse of an evil fairy? The princess goes into a sleep that lasts for a hundred years just to be awakened by a brave prince.

Well, maleficent movies change that thinking because their focus is on the young princess from the supposedly malicious maleficent. As we peek into the fairy’s past, we also find parts of her childhood and the reason why Melfisent is so bad. Trust me, once you know the real reason, the king with whom we all have sympathy will not be so innocent.

What’s even sweeter is the bond between the maleficent and the young princess, which they call the best. The prince is there, of course, but he has a lesser character here and we are not complaining because some twists and turns have only made this story more compelling.

A story of adventure, endless magic, love and slowly creating harmony between magical creatures and human beings, the maleficent series has made a place in our hearts.

4.     Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(2005)

movies like harry potter

Imagine a visit to your favorite chocolate factory and meet your hero who is also talented behind the mouth-watering chocolate. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bring that dream to life.

Young Charlie Buckett lives in a house that leans against the wall in every direction. Bucky’s family is as poor as Charlie’s mother takes the family seriously, and his father is a job seeker. In addition, Charlie’s four grandparents sleep in the same bed until Charlie wins a golden ticket to the Willie Wawanka Chocolate Factory with the four children and has the honor of accompanying him.

Thus Charlie’s adventure begins in a cursory way through the chocolate rivers, the jumprode trees, and the rocky candy mountains. But at the bottom of it all, Willie Wonka’s ultimate goal is to wander into a children’s factory as it is slowly being revealed.

With hilarious musical numbers and amazing Ompa Lompas reminiscent of Santa’s Elves, the film takes us to a lovely magical story.

5.      A Wrinkle in Time

movies like harry potter

Unique settings, children dealing with losses and frustrations, magic spells on magic adventures are all factors that we associate with the Harry Potter franchise to get rid of evils. However, in the term, Rinkl gave a definition to each supernatural element.

The story follows a young girl named Meg Murray, who is searching for her father, a scientist who speculated that she had found the essence of human existence and called somewhere else. Meg, along with her classmate Calvin O’Keefe and three mysterious astronauts named Mrs. Watts, Mrs. Conn, and Mrs. Joe, are in danger of a dangerous journey to a planet that contains all the evils of the universe.

There are many reasons why you fall in love with a movie. The basic messages of courage, teamwork, love, and perseverance give us the same vibes as the Harry Potter movies, despite the obvious differences on campus.

6.     Matilda (1996)

movies like harry potter

Remember how Harry spent many years living in a closet under the stairs, in which his uncle and aunt and his cousin were largely ignored and mistreated. I like the scene where Harry loses his cool and blows up Aunt Marge yet you start laughing out loud.

Well, Matilda does the same. Only this time it’s a film about a young talented girl named Matilda Wormwood, who develops psychological skills.

Matilda is generally ignored by her parents and her older brother. He even initially refused to let her go to school. Well, his anger erupts when he pushes his father’s head around him in a hat, and when he forces him to watch television. Here are some highlights of Matilda’s escape throughout the film.

Matilda may be a first-time children’s movie, but there’s so much to take home that teenagers and even adults love it. Whether it’s a 90’s old thing, the main theme is that you should get rid of the poisonous people in your life, or even the character Tytler shows us that we are not our parents.

7.     Percy Jackson Series (2010-2013)

movies like harry potter

A boy realizes that he is no ordinary man. He needs a very intelligent girl and a boy who is his closest companion as well as many dangerous adventures to save the world from impending danger. He has to learn many things for which he has to go to a special school for children like him. Sounds like it? If you’re thinking of Harry Potter here, you’re wrong because this is Percy Jackson we’re talking about.

Percy finds out that he is, in fact, a stranger. He is the only surviving son of the Greek Poseidon and has to attend Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for the half-grown children of the Greek gods, and learn to use his powers. Accompanied by Annabeth and Grover, Percy Jackson set out to save her mother, and she finally learned that the future of the world rested on her shoulders.

The movie series connects Greek fiction with the modern world without any effort. Even if you are not a fan of Greek myths, you are sure to enjoy these incredible adventures.

8.     The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001-2003)

movies like harry potter

Some trio has been as successful as the Lord of the Rings in combining ideas and actions and never deviating from His magical journey.

There are many mystical adventures spread over an equally magical landscape with many mountains, valleys, rivers, villages, caves, residences, gorge, bowers, fields, high roads, low roads. It all happens in the imaginary world of the Middle East. The films follow the adventures of Hobby Frodo Baggins and Fellowship as they embark on a struggle to eliminate One Ring, which eventually destroys its creator, Dark Lord Soren.

The fellowship eventually fell apart, and Frodo continues to search for his loyal companions, Sam and the slippery flower Golem.

This trinity is moving to the right of our hearts with strong bonds of friendship between the characters. With the exact moments where they are needed, the films have permanently established their mark in the hearts and minds of the viewers.

9.     Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

movies like harry potter

It is very difficult to deal with the death of a friend as a child. Especially when he or she is one of the few friends you can meet. The bridge to Trabzia deals with this very heavy subject in its magical journey.

The film focuses on two 12-year-old boys, Jess and Leslie, who create an imaginary world called Terabithia to escape their worries. Spending most of their time together in a deserted treat house, they build a secret kingdom full of strange creatures, beautiful forests, and palaces that only they can see and one of them dies. It becomes the only way to keep friendships alive.

This film shows how powerful the imagination can be. It can revive a magical world that is a haven for children. It shows how strong true friendship is through all the difficulties of life.

Bridge to Terabithia provides entertainment not only for children but also for anyone who wants to get lost in magic for a while.

10. Pan’s Labyrinth(2006)

movies like harry potter

How many times do we watch a movie that is well-invested with the arts and fairies, yet in reality it is strongly anchored? Pan’s Love India is one such amazing film that is hard to find.

The story is set in Spain in 1944, in the early French period, five years after the Spanish Civil War. It is the story of a little girl trying to free herself and her neighbors from the cruelty of her stepfather. The account separates this real-world from a superstitious world with a massive, abandoned maze and a mysterious style, with which the main character, Aphelia, largely communicates.

In fact, she is the only one who can see. On the one hand, the teenage girl has to fight the monsters of the imaginary world and on the other hand, she has to survive in war-torn Spain. It represents the courage and anxiety of someone who fights and cannot win.

Amazing insight, full of metaphors, full of magic keys and colors, fairies and a girl struggling with all sorts of difficulties to meet her father, Pan’s love is definitely a watch.

There is no substitute for Harry Potter. Never was and never will be. But the list we’ve made here are giants in their own right that will take you on journeys you can’t miss. So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of popcorn and get ready to dive into the world of magic and adventure.

11.The Golden Compass

movies like harry potter

Lira Belakawa, a young orphan, has to travel far north because dark forces have abducted her best friend as well as other children. In his world, people take on an alternative form of animals called demons. Now Lira must travel with the bear and save her friends and other abducted children and save the world.

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Why you should watch this movie: Originally based on Philip Pullman’s first novel, Hay Dark Materials, the action and adventure in this movie is what will make you fall short. As such, gives the film a unique plot. It’s definitely a movie to watch after Harry Potter.

12. The Hobbit (movies like harry potter)

movies like harry potter

Bilbo, a simple hobbit, lives quietly with his other fellow hobbies, until one day when Gandalf Wizard persuades him to explore with a group of dwarves. Its journey begins when it encounters dangerous terrain and encounters a golem and a simple ring, the effects of which are linked to the fate of the eastern land in a way that the bulb does not even begin to think. can do.

Why you should watch this movie: Hobbit is basically the pragmatist of Lord of the Rings. Bilbo is actually the uncle of Frodo, who owns the ring before Frodo. There will be a lot of similarities between Lord of the Rings in the film as they are both from the same universe with imaginary elements, a universe like Harry Potter and if you want more movies like Harry Potter then this is a great look.

13.The Spider wick Chronicles

movies like harry potter

Recently, a divorced wife and her three children moved to Spider wick  Estate in the jungle. When one of the children, Jared, finds a book that is a guide to finding mysterious creatures. He soon found out that various creatures were roaming the earth in search of the book. Then these three siblings are trapped because they want to fight against the monsters who want to keep the book for themselves to rule over all creatures.

Why you should watch this movie: Produced by Nickelodeon Films, this movie was actually released during the release of Harry Potter movies, so it has a lot in common with Harry Potter. If you want a break from Harry Potter and don’t want to see anything different, this is definitely one of the Harry Potter movies.

14. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

movies like harry potter

Jack’s grandfather, Abe, often told him about his childhood during World War II and how he would spend his time in a children’s home, which he believed had supernatural powers. On his sixteenth birthday, Jack is horrified to see his grandfather die, and sees the “thing” that killed his grandfather. After that, the house that his grandfather had mentioned in his childhood stories was discovered and Jack now has to help the children living in the house with the monsters called “monsters”.

Why you should watch this movie: This movie is definitely for those who love Harry Potter, just like Hague Warts, Miss Peregrine’s house is for weird kids who have special options. It makes the audience want to be immersed in the characters we see in the film. Plus, if you like the styling of Tim Burton’s direction, this movie should be on your watch list.

15. The Never ending Story

movies like harry potter

The story revolves around a boy named Bastian, who lives a boring life. One day, she took refuge in a bookstore to escape the thugs on her way to school. He found a book called “The Never ending Story” and read about an imaginary land called “Fantasia”. It is not until he reads about himself in the book that he realizes that he can be a child of man, the kingdom needs to save itself from the darkness that destroyed everything it had. Goes

Why you should watch this movie: Everyone is lost once in a while reading the story. In this movie, it really happens. The protagonist finds himself in the middle when he is the one who can save the magical kingdom and he has to face adventures and brave his way to save the superstitious world of fantasy.

16. Hunger Games

movies like harry potter

According to Dystopian Omar, every year the people of Panem are forced to participate in the Hunger Games, a punishment for past rebellion. Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18 participate, where the names of the participants in the Hunger Games are drawn, where one has to fight to the death until there is only one survivor. When her younger sister’s name came up, Katniss Everdeen volunteered. Hunger Games has 4 parts which is a movie format of books which is a trinity.

Why you should watch: The concept of a hungry game may not be more than a fantasy world, but it is reminiscent of a dangerous trivial tournament with Harry Potter and the Fire Goblet. The dystopian era speaks to a different, epoch, and the challenges facing Katniss and her friends must remind Harry and his friends. It has the same adventure and action as the Harry Potter movies.

17. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

movies like harry potter

Alice is an imaginary and imaginative girl who dreams during the day and is always visible in her world. He seems to be ahead of his time and is still grieving the loss of his father. She stumbles through a rabbit hole and enters a wonderful country where nothing is impossible. Cats can hide, animals can talk, and taking medicine can make you shrink. Follow her adventures in Alice and the Surprised Country as she is the real bearer of the Whirlpool Sword and must destroy the terrible tyrant Vicky to save the castle from the evil red queen.

Why you should watch this movie: A film by Tim Burton, wonderland seems like the place where anything is possible and you should believe in everything. The style of the film is very serious and imaginative and he wants to stay in Wonderland.

18. Wizard of Oz

movies like harry potter

After Hurricane Kansas hit the city, Dorothy and her dog are thrown into their home in the land of Oz, where they meet a ton man, a drone, and a lion. Their journey continues when they encounter the evil witch who enlists the help of a sorcerer to help them.

Why you should watch this movie: This movie is famous and definitely a classic. Beloved by many generations around the world and should definitely be on your watch list. Dorothy’s magical journey with her friends and their flaws should make you bow.

19. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

movies like harry potter

To open the priceless gift, Clara needs a magic key of sorts, for which she enters the parallel world with the help of a golden thread. When entering the parallel universe, three out of four circles remain in peace, now with the help of a soldier, they must take back the key of the fourth circle which is unstable and all the circles must be brought together for the establishment of peace.

Why you should watch this movie: For those who like movies like Harry Potter, this movie may not have so much action but the four lands of the parallel universe is beautiful falling from the jaws whether it is the land of snow cover or Also of the fourth circle. The movie looks mystical, magical and somewhere you will definitely like your imagination to take you.

20. A Series of Unfortunate Events

movies like harry potter
A Series of Unfortunate Events

Three siblings have been sent to live with their distant cousin Count Olaf after their parents were shot dead. But it turns out that Count Olaf is a wicked man in whom only he is interested in the inheritance from which the child is to be inherited, and so the children fled to their Uncle Monty’s house The series continues.

Why you should watch this movie: With the late 19th and 1930s style, Tim Burton- esque is also very interesting in the movie. There is no fantasy in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” but the bonds between siblings and comedy are great.

21. The House with A Clock In Its Walls

movies like harry potter

Terry, a 10-year-old boy, goes to live with his strange uncle. Then he accidentally found out that his uncle and his neighbor were engaging in dark magic. Coincidentally, Terry manages to change the front of the city and awaken the dead to reveal the dark truth that lies beneath the witches, springs, and deadly curses.

Why you should watch this movie: Although director Eli Roth is not generally known for family-friendly movies, the movie is still shrouded in darkness that you can appreciate if you don’t like too much gore. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with its dark and stamped aesthetics.

22. Teen Witch

movies like harry potter

On the occasion of her 16th birthday, a high school girl, Louis Miller, discovered that she has magical abilities. Fed up with her image as a fool in her school, she uses magic to achieve her desires and soon becomes the most famous girl in the school. She then casts a spell on Hanky ​​to fall in love with him but she soon realizes that not everything can be to one’s liking.

Why you should watch this movie: Teen Witch is not your typical fantasy, adventure movie, and will look a bit out of place in the list of movies like Harry Potter but it is definitely a fresh choice for anyone Who admires the little teenage girl. Flickering moment

23. The Worst Witch

movies like harry potter

Who hasn’t dreamed of going to school where they teach magic? Mildred Hubble is a student at Miss McCall’s Academy of Witchcraft, but unfortunately, she is the worst witch at school and causes a lot of accidents and troubles herself.

Why you should watch this movie: The school itself will remind you of Hogwarts and the main character of the movie will definitely remind you of some of the characters of Potter Rovers, maybe I will say Navy Long Bottom or Ron Wesley However, it has a lot to do with Potter Rovers. If you want to see more movies like Harry Potter and the movie “late 80’s”, but it definitely deserves a watch.

24. The BFG

movies like harry potter

Based on a book by Roald Dahl, the film tells the story of a 10-year-old boy. One night when she woke up in her orphanage and couldn’t sleep, she heard a noise and a big car took her away. Frightened at first, the two become instant friends when he realizes that he is a very friendly giant. Since some giants eat humans, he warns them not to leave their cave. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.

Why you should watch this movie: Screen to Life by Steven Spielberg, the movie will take your heart and the friendship between the two main characters is warm and sweet.

25. The Craft

movies like harry potter

Although there are no fantasy elements in this film, it has magic and a lot of things in it. The story revolves around a high school girl. He soon befriends three other girls who claim to be witches of other students. All three of them think that the girl will be a good addition to their group which will fulfill their promise which will make them all more powerful. Seeing girls when they fail in black magic and do practically whatever they want.

Why you should watch this movie: This movie is a rare choice for movies like Harry Potter but if you love horror movies or want to see more black than normal fantasy movies, this movie is definitely your watch. Should be on the list because the main character of the film is witchcraft and black magic and other dark subjects to do witchcraft and magic.

26.Now You See Me

movies like harry potter

Four aspiring magicians were contacted by EYE, a secret society that believes it possesses real magic. Magicians, later called four-horse riders, perform magic shows for audiences where they demonstrate extraordinary success. In one of his shows, he played a trick in Paris and robbed a bank, which shows that there was indeed a bank robbery that puts him on the law enforcement radar. There are no unrealistic elements in the film, but there is definitely magic in it.

Why you should watch this movie: When someone suggests movies like Harry Potter, you may not expect to hear this movie, but it has an edge of the movie even though there is no stick, mantra, or superstitious creature. ۔ But the best part of the film is definitely the turn that no one was expecting.

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