Analysis and playoff schedules NBA 2020 Raptors vs Celtics

The greatness of the NBA is based on qualifying rounds like the one it will face Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics in these NBA 2020 playoffs. Despite the fact that there is a halo of uncertainty surrounding their dispute due to the protests of the players before a new police attack with racist grounds, Adam Silver he hopes that it can be carried out, aware of the spectacle that guarantees a duel between two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Plentiful talent, a winning gene and boundless ambition are aspects shared by two teams of similar styles and that have met up to 97 times in their history.

Toronto Raptors, 2nd Eastern Conference. Comes from winning 4-0 at Brooklyn Nets

Powerful, with an imposing wardrobe background in their template and the feeling that they have several gears to put in. This is how the Canadians showed themselves in the duel against the Brooklyn Nets, presenting themselves to these semifinals with only two worrisome aspects: the injury of Kyle lowry, that he will miss a game, and the low performance and offensive leadership of Marc Gasol. The employment and prominence of the Spanish could go up against a team like the Celtics, although Serge Ibaka is performing at a great level.

It is fully trusted that Pascal Siakam assume the role of leader, although for the victory it will be imperative that players like Fred VanVleet and Norman Powell maintain the exalted level of play that they are displaying. They have had days to rest and prepare a tie for which they will need their best performance.

Boston Celtics, 3rd Eastern Conference. Comes from a 4-0 win over Philadelphia 76ers

Just the injury of Gordon haywarth prevents his pass through the first round of these playoffs from being qualified as perfect. Those of Massachusetts have transmitted an unquestionable power and Jayson Tatum seems determined to assume the role of great star of the league. With a fast, combinative game in which Kemba walker is gaining more and more prominence, the defense of Marcus Smart and the total game of Jaylen brown they are a guarantee of success. Doubts can come from the paint, but against Embiid they showed they can act as a team to stop the best center in the league.

Based on what has been seen throughout the season, Tatum’s performance conveys the feeling that he is facing his great moment, the one in which every star fully emerges and achieves a great achievement, both individually and collectively.

Keys to the tie and head to head

The two are templates that bet on the value of the group over the individualities, showing a franchise player in the position of 3, such as Pascal Siakam and Jayson Tatum, and a second sword who directs, scores and assumes the role of vocal leader, such as Kemba Walker and Kyle Lowry. His game scheme is vibrant, with the ability to move the ball well, the Canadians having the advantage of having an experienced center with great game wisdom like Marc Gasol.

The Spanish can become a differential in this tie, both in defense and attack. It will be critical for both of them to slow down the secondary scoring lanes, preventing men like VanVleet, Powell, Brown and Smart from coming into play. Maximum equality is expected and there the experience of Raptors having reaped the ring last year can be a small advantage. However, the mystique that comes with wearing the Celtics green jersey and all that it entails, acquires special value in the playoffs.

They have been measured four times this season, although only one of them was already in the NBA bubble in Orlando. Boston acquired the victory, as in two of the other three meetings. In all of them there was a common denominator; many minutes and quality for secondary in Celtics and defensive intensity on his part to avoid comfortable pitches from the bases, the engine of a team like Raptors.

Toronto Raptors vs Boston Celtics qualifying schedule

Game 1: Friday, August 28 at 00:30 Spanish time

Game 2: Saturday, August 29

Game 3: Monday, August 31

Game 4: Wednesday, August 2

Game 5: Friday, August 4, if necessary

Game 6: Sunday, August 6, if necessary

Game 7: Tuesday August 8, if necessary

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