An Instructional Manual On How To Set Up And Master Your Google Pixel 4 For Beginners And Seniors »

Google smartphones have long been known for their cameras, but the great thing about the Pixel 4 is that it is about so much more than the photos you can use them to take.

Sure, Google has made another phone with the best camera ever with the Pixel 4. But there are other things to look forward to, such as an intuitive, time-saving, and secure face unlock system and a 90Hz display temptingly smooth. Yes, photography is still the star of this show. It’s just not the only act worth holding up for.

Master this amazing device with the book “GOOGLE PIXEL 4 USER GUIDE”, An Instructional Manual on How to Set-Up and Master Your Google Pixel 4 for Beginners and Seniors, By Bryan D. Katz. The book is a true guide to master the Google pixel 4 device within a short period. Below is a preview;

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Face Unlock and Motion Sense 


Battery Life and Charging

Software and Special Features  

Live Caption of the Pixel 4       

Pixel 4 versus Pixel 4a     


Installation Instructions for Google Pixel 4/4 Xl 

Charge Your Pixel Phone  

Technical Advice     

Turn Your Pixel Phone On And Off   

Connect To Wi-Fi Networks on Your Pixel Phone      

Connect Via Notification  

Change the Settings for the Cellular Network   

External Connection

Connection to Printers, Accessories, and More  

Display Setting

Use the Covid-19 Exposure Notification System on Your Android Phone    

How Exposure Notifications Work    

How the Application Can Determine Exposure  

How the Exposure Notification System Protects Your Privacy    

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